Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally figured out HD!

I was having constant conversion issues, but I was finally able to figure out how to upload larger HD files with Vimeo! Also, I think everyone has the ability to manually select a better resolution on Daily Motion for playback as well.

This is a huge step right? I feel like my goals are coming into place, even though they seem to take forever. Most of ya'll have incredible patience with me, and for that I am thankful!

I am also working on putting out more product speedily, instead of waiting so long. It's not fair to subscribers if I don't put in the work to make it worth the price. I am still working on getting a Pro account through my third party "Cleeng" (company you go through to purchase videos) which will offer coupons and special deals for the consumer.

One last thing. I am getting a boat load of custom requests lately and I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle it. Would you like to have the option to purchase another customer's specialized video? I will try my best to execute this the most sensible way possible.

I lied. One MORE thing. Watch for store updates, as I will be working on revamping! There are now enough videos sharing one store page that it could probably shut down your system or freeze your phone up if you play them all at the same time (why would anyone do that??) So I will be looking at categorizing everything!

Once again, thank you for sticking around and showing support! You don't have to buy anything to do that, I appreciate anything positive that comes my way!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your Feedback

So....what does everyone think so far? I apologize for a little bit of a lull the last few weeks, I am looking for work. That's what's been consuming much of my time. I'm about to leave next week to go back home to North Carolina for a girlfriend's wedding, so I might just wait to pick up work until after I get back.

Anyway, I want to know some feedback. One of the top priorities right now and what I'm hearing the most about is video descriptions. I'm trying to figure out the best way to add this that will appear professional. Believe it or not, I get a little shy when it comes to describing my videos. If you ask, I'll tell, but just throwing it out there on my page isn't all that easy. I don't know why! I'm just weird like that.

Other than that, what else would you like to see? Any changes, additions? I am still working on this coupon thing--my goal was to have it ready this month, but had to push it back (kind of expensive) until September. That's another priority.

Also--if you haven't heard yet, I am working on adding a 3D section to the site---YES. MWB IN 3D!!! Woah now. Might have this ass comin out of your screen. Not all like "The Ring" or shit like that, but we'll have to do a trial run first!!

Leave your comments below, I'll read them :)


Monday, July 1, 2013


In case you just happened to miss the bus on the latest news, the MWB site has been launched!! is the new place to go for everything combined. This weekend should be the store opening, and a lot more will be headed your way.

The site still has a LOT of work to be done, it's really just a shell for now, until I start adding content. I was running through some obstacles for my store setup, but I think I have it all organized now.

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July? God Bless America and her fat ass!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


As of 6-18-2013:


#1. I will now be working for myself--100%.
#2. I will finish my website. (See further details below)
#3. I will be setting up ....


. . . A STORE!

For the first time ever in MWB history, MWB will now be selling (I'm speaking in the 3rd person, I'll go ahead and cut that shit out now)

private content
custom orders
affordable prices
monthly memberships

Now how about that? Everything you've been asking for ages, I will now be making available. You ask, I deliver. For now, I will keep some surprises to myself, and just give you this teaser in the form of a blog post. (heh, don't hate me)

There will be a few things to work out in the process, so I ask that you bear with me just a little longer. I am implementing a third party for troubleshooting questions regarding payments, etc.

Every bit of information on what's available will be found on my website. Now, going back to #2 from the list at the top:

I still need some time to finish testing, which needs at least a few business days. This means that my goal launch date will be: JULY 1st, 2013.

I will do everything in my power to listen, hear you out, and prepare to take any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. While I will not promise to be a pushover or a people-pleaser, there may be things you don't end up liking. This is why I will develop polls for you to vote on later, so that I receive input.

Furthermore, it has come to my attention that several of my older videos from a previous, short-lived selling spree have now been leaked elsewhere on the internet. I will have a method to encourage the prevention of this from happening, which will involve everyone. My third party will also remove your content upon discovery. This is to be fair to not only myself, but especially paying customers. If content leaking becomes a problem, I will shut down all operations, and you'll never see me again. That IS a promise. You have been fairly forewarned.

So because I am very willing to make this work for everyone, I'm counting on you to be honest.

That aside, I am very happy to share this with you, and I should have more information for you coming in the following weeks. Thank you so much for being my support, offering advice, and being a kickass group of people to work with. Tell me what you think in the comments.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Plans

First of all, Happy Father's day to all you dads out there! Hope you have some enjoyable time with family and friends. :)

I just figured I'd give some more updating on my progress. Everything is in place with the website, except for a few minor things. I think my goal is to combine all of my social networking into one solid website where you can find it all in one spot. That way, you won't have to track me down elsewhere. All my updating will be on it, all of my previews, photos, etc etc. One location! How much easier will that be?? Or am I making this more difficult by adding another website to follow? Ha, I don't even know but I think you'll like the end result, regardless. At least I hope.

Other than that, things are going well. New job is going great. I've developed some awesome work relationships already, and I'm looking at the next level soon! Speaking of work, I just found out last week that one of my good friends from the Houston office of my last job just got laid off by the same bitch who did me in. She was an awesome employee--very hard working and very smart. She even had a Master's. Apparently this woman just had such a hatred for the other Administrative staff who had educational background, because she didn't. She had a bad attitude and severe complex.

I found out she used to talk shit about me to the other admins after our conference calls. I also found out that I was laid off for the fact that she couldn't control me--I never let her step on my toes. It had nothing to do with my work ethic at all. In fact, the other women were pissed off she pushed me out. Now that my friend had the same thing happen, we compared notes about it all, and we think she was having an affair with the CEO who was letting her run rampant with the company. As President of an international company, why the fuck would you risk your reputation and decent employees for some bitch on a power trip who hated other women? Burning through good people! Well good riddance! I'm much happier now! Karma will serve her a fair notice soon. She'll do herself in eventually with this hunger for power.

I'm trying really hard to put anything negative like that behind me and just look forward and focus on my goals. One of my old NC friends wants me to take a trip to Universal Studios with him the end of summer. I'm already heading to NC for a wedding in September, so I'm not sure if it will happen or not.

Have any of you been to the Harry Potter theme park? Don't judge me. I fucking love Harry Potter.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Some news.

I have a tiered plan for the goals I would like to accomplish. There are four phases in all. Phase I is complete, and now it's on to Phase II. I appreciate the patience most of ya'll have had with me through this whole journey. It's been an awesome experience, and also a very humbling one. For those who have been griping for a while, hold on to your shorts!

While I cannot disclose any specific details, I can tell you this. Things are about to change for the better. I haven't been ignoring my fans--you are always a priority to me. Without you, we have nothing! So I applaud you in making changes with me, from signing up for DailyMotion accounts, to migrating to Vimeo, then my Facebook (which was a hot mess, no lie), and also my blog.

I read your comments, and while I try to respond to most, it's good to get some feedback with what's on your mind. I know I am not perfect, and I've done some stupid shit. I've been lazy, or unresponsive. But trust. You will always be a part of my decisions. You might not see that now, but with some patience, you will in the near future.

Once again, thank you for pushing me, for inspiring me, and giving me the motivation to keep going. I'm trying to change myself physically, emotionally, and mentally for this A-game I am about to bring. It's on.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reflection on May 30th

May 30th marks the one year anniversary of my decision to pack up my shit, leave some behind, and move to Denver for a job and a relationship that I didn't know would really disappoint me later on.

As the season changes, I'm pulled back into the memories of last summer and all the challenges I'd faced. I know I opened myself up to them by not having a replacement job squared away after I quit my previous one. I actually DID have a job prospect, it was to take over for my best friend in Boulder at her company since she was moving. That didn't exactly work out.

She was jealous and somehow mad that I came to be with my man, and kicked me out of her place, told me I wasn't welcome and basically convinced her supervisor to reject my application. That was really difficult to handle. (One year later, she's now trying to "be friends" again) This was one of the reasons why I was out of work for so long. They originally convinced me I would have the job once I went through their process.

Anyway, I wish I could write a novel about the things I experienced. It was traumatizing, to say the least. My boyfriend and I were desperately searching for work. The plan was to settle, find good work, buy or rent a house, get married somewhere in that mix. We'd been together for a few years, and he was one major reason I moved to Colorado, so I followed him after he asked me to.

None of those plans happened, obviously. He ended up finding work in the oil field and left me behind without much to say other than "Don't worry, I'll come back for you."

I don't think I've ever felt more devastated, heartbroken, and vulnerable in my entire life. I'd been moving from roach infested hotel to hotel, sometimes sleeping alone with my dog in my car to avoid expenses. It was horrible. I was running out of time and money. I had nothing left. My best friend moved, I lost my boyfriend. Nothing.

I never told my mom about any of these details because I know it would break her heart to see what I put myself through. I honestly felt like coming here for better work opportunities and a relationship would put all the pieces to my life together. Instead, they were obliterated. Shattered. My heart ached for so long, knowing I was alone without the one person I thought I could depend on. Eventually, he tried making amends by visiting, flying me there, etc. I put a stop to that after a while, because I knew it wasn't fair to me. We no longer talk.

I'm tearing up a little just thinking about this. But on to better things right? Since then, I was laid off from that job in February (fancy that) and a few weeks later found an even better job downtown in a nice high-rise office building. Crossing my fingers that as long as I count my blessings and stay positive and look for the good, I'll be able to support myself.

You might think this would lead me to become some sort of man-hater. Well I'm not. I just know that I've learned from my experience and will try to avoid making some of the same mistakes. Time to heal the wound and move on.

I also think some of you out there deserve another spotlight for your contributions to my gofundme account. I am continually grateful for what you've done, and for what you helped me go through. Thank you. I could not be more grateful. We're all strangers to one another, but you set aside time and money to help someone in distress. I will never forget it.

I guess the takeaway message here is to always trust yourself. Always believe that you are completely and 100% capable of being resourceful. You make your own decisions in life, no one else has that power. You control what directions you want to take in the long run, but have to accept that there are difficult obstacles that may face you during that time. You'll probably make mistakes. You might trip and fall. Pick your face up. Put pieces together. And always keep one eye toward the above, and know you are never alone.